A little bit about me

Hello, my name is George Razzaboni, Owner/President of Razzaboni Home Builders.

 I have always had a passion to build and create things. I grew up in a family run business and saw first hand the hard work and devotion needed to succeed. After many years building and constructing projects, I made it official in 1987 to have my own company.

Razzaboni Home Builders began with remodeling projects, and small additions- then progressed to new construction homes, buying land and developing communities. I have had many opportunities to expand my business and become more commercialized like “the big guys” but I wanted to stand out differently.

I truly enjoy being on the jobsite daily, working alongside my employees and home-owners. I am able to communicate with my home owners every step of the way. This is how Razzaboni Home Builders is able to provide the highest quality of work and materials, while paying close attention to detail and client vision all in a timely manner. I take pride in providing a solid product with a great name!

Be sure to browse through our portfolio to see just a sampling of our work.

Thank You for visiting my website, I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your next project!

Mission Statement

Our Promise:
Providing a solid product with a great name

From the beginning in 1987; to build and renovate homes with highest possible standards of excellence, integrity and honesty. To be the very best at what we do. To focus on building strong relationships with our clients in order to meet the unique and individual needs of each one and to provide an exceptional end result. We strive to give the best possible value for the money without sacrificing quality, timeliness or design.


Why Us

Why us? Why not?  We’ve been an established construction company since 1987 and have built over 90 homes.  We are fully Licensed and Insured in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We offer many features and allowances to help you build the house that you want while staying in your budget.  Let's browse through our selection of floor plans together and customize a house to fit your needs.

We provide excellent references or schedule a showing at one of the many houses we have built. Our company is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guaranty Program.

 Please give us a call so we can discuss how we can help you customize and personalize your construction project.





Our Credits

 - Established Construction Company since 1987 and have built over 90 custom homes.

- Fully Licensed and Insured in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

- Offers variety of features and allowances to help construct your dream home while staying in your budget

- Browse our selection of floor plans and customize to fit your needs

- Job sites well organized and clean; new construction homes are clean and in move in condition on closing day

- We provide excellent references- and tours of homes we have built

-Approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guaranty Program

- Integrated with local towns providing time and materials for a good cause